After much thought and plenty of advice from my top staff members, I have deiced it is time to hang up the GHD Game Con hat up.  The past 6 years of running this small game retreat turned game convention have been absolutely amazing.  I have watched it grow from a small 30 person show full of close friends to a nearly 200 person convention with Board Games, Role Playing Games, Video Games, Play 2 Wins, Raffles, Podcasts, Game Designers, Venders, Tournaments, and plenty of new friends.   I could not have done this without a slew of staff members and volunteers both past and present and of course every person who has pinned a GHD Badge to their chest.  Thank you to each and every one of you!

This is not a good bye to gaming though.  Keep your eye out for the first ever GHD Gamers Picnic this fall.  More info will be headed your way via this same Facebook page.

Thank you all so much,
Andrew Burkett

GHD Gaming ConFeaturing:

Open Gaming
Scheduled Gaming
Role playing
Game Library
Play 2 Win
Silent Auction
Math Trade
And So Much More!!!